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We’re passionate about adtech.

Our founders, seasoned experts in both advertising and technology, saw the potential for something groundbreaking. They recognized that as the way people consumed content evolved, so too must the methods of advertising. The rise of Smart TVs and the proliferation of digital screens demanded a new approach, one that transcended traditional boundaries.

We are creating change through technology and product innovation.

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Leap4 is a place where we all strive for success — together.

The world was changing, and advertising had to change with it. Consumers were no longer confined to a single screen; they moved fluidly between their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and notably, their Smart TVs. Yet, the advertising industry was fragmented, with siloed campaigns on each platform. This fragmentation led to missed opportunities and inefficient spending.

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Yanir Yudovich

Yanir Yudovich

Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneurial executive and proven deal-maker with extensive background in sales, business development, general management. A pro at turning ideas into reality.
BA, Ex Total Media (Google EMEA) Ex Infantry
Ori Nadler

Ori Nadler

Chief Product Officer
Serial entrepreneur, co-founded several successful ad-tech companies. Extensive background in performance marketing and CTV products.
BA, Ex Naval officer (Major), Ex Wix, Ex Maple (IL gov Ad agency)
Joe Marino

Joe Marino

Strategic Advisor
10 years+ experience building sales and customer relationships with major advertiser and broadcaster. Advisory Board Member for BWG Strategy.
BA, MadHive, Ex Mediamath , Ex Adobe
Lior Alon

Lior Alon

Chief Technology Officer
Seasoned full stack developer with vast experience with building ad tech, analytics and ecommerce products from the ground’s up.
B.S.c, Ex 8200 unit, Ex Stucco Media
Tal Ozery

Tal Ozery

Chief Operating Officer
Extensive background as a finance and business consultant.
Specializes in business operations, commercial and revenue growth.
Ran Maimoni

Ran Maimoni

Chief Revenue Officer
Vast experience in scaling revenues and managing large operational team, managing high profile accounts.
BA, Ex Intango

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