Omnichannel Execution

Consumers are no longer confined to a single screen; they move fluidly between their Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and notably, their Smart TVs. CrossRoads platform facilitates an omnichannel strategy with advanced capabilities across various channels, formats, and devices to pinpoint consumers wherever they stream and move them along the purchase funnel.

Based on our expertise and AI data capabilities, we craft an omnichannel roadmap tailored to each budget, which involves the following:

Omnichannel Roadmap

Track relevant data specific to the marketer's target audience and their household.

Target this audience with the right CTV ad.

Taking into consideration several factors that can impact whether viewers are active on their companion devices during TV programming such as day-parting and genre.

After the viewer watches the ad to completion, xRoads omnichannel execution tools retarget this viewer with companion clickable ads on their various devices.

Ensuring stronger more robust story telling strategy that communicates across all platform.

Measuring an omnichannel marketing strategy.

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