Case Study

NASDAQ insurance company successfully hits qualified leads and increases Attribution Across CTVs

In the duration of a 60-day test, the company managed to increase its sales via CTV by 15%.

A publicly traded (NASDAQ) insurance company that offers homeowner’s insurance turned to LEAP4 for a Connected TV advertising strategy to improve the efficiency in reaching their audience via Big-screen. They had clear performance goals including measuring, attributing, and validating their CTV ad viewers and website engagement.

Increase in sales via TV channels
1 %
Return on Ad spend
1 x
Impressions /Visitors Ratio
1 %
Customer testimony

“LEAP4’s team deep knowledge in the CTV space and technology helped us to make much more sense of CTV and view through attribution as a whole, with their custom data solutions we were able to validate the quality of the leads and avoid media sources overlap, something we couldn’t do so far with other providers.”


To reach the insurance company’s audience on their “living-room home screen” and to efficiently drive measurable B2C results. After trying several other agencies that were not able to deliver the required results, they turned to LEAP4 to help accurately reach multiple audiences and to drive conversions.


The decision was to start in a careful manner, therefore a 45k weekly budget was allocated with a tailored solution to the company’s needs. Following a thorough review of their creatives, two were selected for alignment with LEAP4’s exchange. They were integrated into high-quality and transparent media using audience-targeting segments of households, locations and behaviour.

Through sophisticated technology and accurate attribution metrics on the targeted households, including IP addresses and CTV IDs delivered by LEAP4, they successfully managed to reach, attribute, and validate the quality of leadsandreachedanupliftof27% impressions-to-visitorsratio.

With the help of LEAP4’s dedicated support team and simple yet detailed reporting, the company was able to finally achieve a clear picture of both the campaign’s funnel and performance.

LEAP4’s custom-made solution helped the insurance company significantly increase their sales with Connected TV Ads, and allowed for simplification of what can be complex measurements and attributions in linear TV buying behavior.


* This is a True Story. The events depicted in this case study took place in 2022. At the request of our Advertiser, we decided to show off. Out of respect for the performance, the numbers are reported exactly as they are.

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